Monday, 25 July 2016

Is your hair ageing you?

It is a fact of life that as we age our hair tends to become finer, less shiny and, unfortunately, loses the pigment which gives it its natural colour. 

Our facial features also change over the years. Features can become more distinct and our skin tone will most likely also change.

Many women cling to their long locks but they could be piling on the years, especially if they are over processed or/and limp. 

Paul Windle, co-owner of the highly-acclaimed Windle & Moodie salon in Covent Garden, tends to the locks of models, actresses, journalists as well as clients who are not constantly in the limelight. I asked him how to ensure that your hair does not age you.

“There is a point in life when women feel that they become invisible. You need to go for a contemporary, distinctive cut that says I am still interested and am interesting,” he says.

According to Paul, this is the time when women should be more adventurous with their style. If your hair is thinner than it once was and lacks volume try a shorter cut to make it look thicker and give it more volume. It can also make your face appear softer. Fringes can hide lines in your forehead. What you do not want is it to be wispy.

He also advocates having a cut that looks effortless and not too contrived. You do not want to look as if you are wearing a helmet on your head. Your tresses may not be as well behaved as they age. 
Women tend to compensate by over washing and styling which makes them drier so it is important to use the right products for your hair type.

Healthy hair always has a shine. Just look at the locks of children. A great edition addition to the Windle and Moodie product line is the new Light Shine spray (£22, ). It reflects light to make each strand look lovely and glossy without weighing it down or making it feel greasy.

As for going grey, Paul is not a fan. “Hair frames your face. It can be ageing because if it does not work with your skin tone, it can make you look washed out,” he says

Some women can pull grey hair off, so if it works for you and you are confident then go ahead. If you are considering it, you may also need to wear stronger make-up, a bare lip will not be as glamorous as a splash of colour.

It is important to get the right hue so always go to a professional and seek advice. Just a fraction of a shade off can make you look older. You do not want to make the mistake of going too dark which can show up your wrinkles or too light which can make you look ill. Neither do you want your colour to be too brassy. This will not make you look chic and elegant. Another no-no is looking as if you have a lump of straw attached to your head!

The right cut and colour will do more for you than any cream and may make you think again about having surgical or non-surgical treatments. 

By Daralyn Danns

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