Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Spotlight on EVERPRObeauty ZERO GREY

Don’t you just hate it when you have a last minute date or an important meeting and your roots are showing?  

Even since ColorWow launched its mineral powder that comes packaged like an eye shadow and adheres to hair instantly, many other companies have tried to imitate it. 

Until I tried EVERPRObeauty ZERO GREY Root Touch-up Magnetic Powder in black/dark Brown, (£12.99, Superdrug also in light brown and lightest brown/medium blonde), I had never found one that measured up to the original. It is also much kinder on the wallet and still lets you go longer between your salon appointments.

This mineral powder also comes with a mirror but you put it on with a sponge instead of a brush. It is easy to apply without going all over the place and you can get to those stubborn little hairs that never seem to want to be covered.

The self-adjusting colour blended perfectly with my own hue and did not look at all powdery or fake. It did not fade and stayed put until I shampooed. There is also a spray version EVERPRObeauty Zero Grey Temporary Root Concealer Spray (£9.99) which is great if you have large areas to cover. It did not look like a coloured plaster stuck on your head which is the result I have had with a couple of well-known brands. I prefer the powder as I find it easier to use.

A good product at a great price. 

By Daralyn Danns