Tuesday, 2 May 2017

What to do when you get a frizz attack

If you are one of the many women who have to deal with frizzy hair, you know what a pain it can be. Rain and humidity are your enemies, especially when you are travelling. While you cannot change the texture of your hair, there are ways to improve it as I discovered from leading hair stylist, Neil Moodie, creative director of the highly-acclaimed Windle & Moodie salon in London’s Covent Garden.

Courtesy of Windle & Moodie

“I always get asked about frizzy hair and I always try to explain what frizz actually is,” says Neil. “It happens more with hair that is generally dryer in texture. Frizz, as a rule, is stray hairs gone a bit wild. They need to be brought back into line with the other hairs. It happens more with hair that is either chemically processed or naturally wavy or curly, and when some greys are starting to show through which are a different texture from your original colour.”    

Neil’s tip is to run some Windle & Moodie Invisible Day & Night Cream (£21, windleandmoodie.com) through your hair to tame those nasty bits. “This is an instant, light, hair moisturiser that will just bring those hairs back to the rest of the family. If your hair is very stubborn (ie frizzy curly hair) then use some Windle & Moodie Shine and Smoothing Oil (£23). This is stronger as it contains essential oils and a small amount of silicon that will coat the hair, making it calm down.”

Courtesy of Windle & Moodie

If you've got wild, crazy, frizzy hair, Neil suggests spritzing it down and adding a fair amount of Invisible Day and Night Cream. “Remember that frizz is drier hair. Your hair will just drink this product up a little like dry skin when you add moisturiser to it,” he adds.

You should also be careful when you are using heated appliances. Too much heat can cause the hair cuticle to lift so it will soak up more moisture from the air and swell. Try to keep temperatures to no more than 185C to keep damage to a minimum.

Try to brush your hair as little as possible as it can damage it. Instead try using your fingers to comb your locks.

If it is damp outside, tie your hair back until you get to your destination.

Using a masque such as Windle & Moodie Intense Treatment Masque (£32) as a conditioner can help tame frizz. Leave on your hair for a couple of minutes after shampooing and you should find it calms those fluffy bits.

By Daralyn Danns

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