Monday, 6 June 2011

Thinking of changing your hair colour?

Celebs make it look easy to flit from one hair colour to another – think of Carey Mulligan who has recently been seen with chocolate locks – but being blonde one minute and brunette the next is not quite as easy as it looks. You don’t see the star all the time. So, what to you looks like a dramatic change may have taken months to achieve.

Before going for a drastic colour change you need to build up a good relationship with your colourist (don’t go to a stylist who also colours hair) as you have to trust them implicitly. They, in turn, get to know you: your personality and lifestyle and, of course, most importantly your hair. Discuss 
your hair's up-keep with them. If you already colour your hair, ask them how the new dye will react with what is already on your hair.

Colouring regularly can damage the hair. But you don’t see the celeb close up and their hair will have been blow-dried by a pro so they can disguise the damage. Also their make-up will have been done by a pro who will ensure it works with their new look.

If you want to go for a major change, consider your skin tone and eye colour. Also ask yourself will your wardrobe work with your new look. The slightest tweak in the tone of your hair, if it is wrong, can make you look ill. If your colourist does a good job and the colour change enhances your skin tone your old lipstick, blusher and eye shadows may still look wrong.

Going blonder meant using lighter tones

Max Factor’s award-winning make-up artist and one of my personal favourites (she knows how to do real people as well as celebs), Caroline Barnes has given me these tips. "If you’re dying your hair blonde, get rid of any heavy-based brown tones and opt for lighter, fresher tones for your complexion. If you are adding red to your hair add warmer tones to your make-up and stay away from cool shades. If you are dying your hair black use stronger pigments in your make-up and ditch wishy-washy shades."

Also don’t forget your nails – your hands are always going up to your face. Essie has a wonderful range of shades and they stay on well. I particularly like Hi Maintenance, (£9.95, from professional salons) a pretty pale pink. Also try Chanel Le Vernis
 in Beige P├ętale (£17.50), a subtle beige with a hint of pink and to make a statement try Dior Vernis in Aloha(£23), a bright orange, one of summer’s hot shades. Comes with a topcoat. Nails this season should be short and slightly rounded.

By Daralyn Danns