Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Should you go for the power of the political bob?

The holidays are over and autumn is here. This is often the time of year when women want to change their image. 

You may be starting a new job and want to create an image of power and portray yourself as being a woman who will stand her ground and not suffer fools gladly.

Over the summer there was plenty of talk about the pob – the political bob – as supported by the likes of Theresa May, Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton.

It is often a look favoured by women of a certain age whose hair has become drier over the years as it is easy to manage and often only needs blow-drying once a week. Result: you always look well-groomed. It also makes you appear as if you have more important things to worry about in your life than hair and fashion.

“The pob makes career women look more masculine,” says hair supremo Michael Charalmbous whose salon in London’s Chelsea attracts the rich and famous from all over the globe. “It says look who is wearing the trousers.”

Michael feels that there is no reason for women to go for the chop unless it really suits them. Shorter hair may give the illusion of having a facelift but go too far and it can look severe.

“Femininity is important,” says Michael. “You can still be taken seriously with a slightly softer style. You want a look of your own that indicates low maintenance. You do not want to come across as if you spend all your time in the hairdressers.”

He suggests that Theresa May grows her hair. “I think she should not have it cut for about four months and then she should add about one and a half layers to create some movement. I would also change the colour and make it blonder. An almost biscuit shade would suit her,” he says.

The mane man styled my hair into a longer one-length bob which I can tie back or wear up for those days when you need to say: “Don’t mess with me.”

By Daralyn Danns 

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Monday, 26 September 2016

The destination for fragrance and candles at Selfridges

I love scent as most people do. Discovering a fragrance is like going on a journey, there is always something new to stimulate the senses and excite you.

With so many fragrances out there it can be hard to discover the one or ones that work for you. I like to hunt out original scents that are not mass market. 

The destination for fragrance and candles at Selfridges

Selfridges (Oxford Street, London) recently opened a destination for fragrance and candles which has an installation going through it that exhibits key notes such as woody, spice and oriental so you can pinpoint what you like and do not like in a scent be it for your body or home. 

The space is reminiscent of an old apothecary. You can spend hours in this playground testing goodies from great niche brands including exclusive labels such as Spike Odyssey from the fragrance Kitchen, a leathery scent charged with woody notes and “JUSBOX”. Its collection of scents is inspired by old records and music. Another find was the British brand Thameen. Its line is based on Eastern, oriental fragrance oils and has become one of the bestselling fragrance brands at Selfridges. 

One of my favourites is Ormonde Jayne, also sold here. Not often do you smell a scent which you like that stays true when you wear it. As soon as I took my first whiff of Vanille d'Iris (£110), I was hooked. 

When I found out that Linda Jayne, founder and creator of Ormonde Jayne London had created a bespoke perfume for Selfridges I was intrigued.

What would a fragrance that had to have the characteristics of the Ormonde Jayne house, be gender free, have a global appeal and also be of the moment actually smell like? I have to admit I was sceptical. 

Selfridges’ One Parfum (£235) won me over immediately. This luxurious scent opens with cardamom, orange absolute and bergamot accords. At its core is rose, freesia and jasmine absolute underpinned with ambers and wood. It is lovely on the skin and oozes class. I have been stopped a few times by people asking me for the name of the fragrance that I am wearing.

Fornasetti Profumi Gold Burlesque

I was delighted to discover Fornasetti Profumi there. As any discerning candle lover knows its candles are hard to beat. Gorgeously scented they come in stunning ceramic vessels with a lid. Once you have finished with the candle (they usually last for 50-60 hours) you can buy a refill or use them around your home to store things. 

The new decorative element to the existing “Burlesque” collection is a hit with me. “Golden Burlesque” (£125), depicts two opposing sides of the 19th century soprano Lina Cavalieri highlighted in gold. The Italian painter, engraver and sculptor Fornasetti is said to have been obsessed with her. I really love the Otto fragrance, lavender laced with woody notes and incense in my home. It is really lovely and so therapeutic.

Mistero, the latest addition to the range, is a melange of warm wood and spicy aromatic notes. Ideal for the winter months.

Cire Trudon, another amazing candle collection is here. Penhaligons and other interesting brands such as Frederic Malle are also worth taking your time to explore.

This area is like a sweetshop for adults without the calories.

By Daralyn Danns