Monday, 9 July 2012

Time to go back to Daniel Galvin

“Your hair has lifted in the front,” said Liz Edmonds, colour director at Daniel Galvin, as she carefully examined my faded tresses. “It needs to be richer. I’m going to put some darker pieces through it. You will find as your highlights grow out, the condition will get better and your colour will hold better.”

Colour correction is a lengthy business, yet it takes so little time for a colourist to get it wrong. They move on to the next client and you have to live with it for weeks or as in my case, months.

Even though my hair had lost its lustre and gone a tad too light, it hadn’t turned the colour of a pumpkin. I know that I still have a few sessions to go to get my hair perfect, but I am quietly confident that Liz will get there in the end.

As Liz started work on my transformation, we started to talk about how you should adapt your hair colour with the seasons.

“Your skin tone changes from winter to summer. In the chillier months it tends to be ashier, so your hair needs to be slightly warmer. At this time of year, generally, you can go a little bit cooler and lighter,” says Liz. “Your colourist should look at your colour each time you go to the salon and adjust it.”

Final result

The more time you spend outside in the summer, the more likely your hair is to fade, unless you cover it up all the time. Also the heat can rob your hair of moisture, Liz recommends using heated appliances as little as possible. Use accessories to liven up your hair. If you are on holiday, fresh flowers look gorgeous on a hot, balmy night.

Beautiful hazelnut locks

Liz suggested that I try Daniel Galvin Salon Clear Gloss (£24) to keep my tresses looking glossy. I now keep a bottle of this miracle worker in my bathroom to use when my hair loses its just done look. There is nothing worse than dull, dyed hair.

My final result was beautiful hazelnut locks. My hair looked more luxurious and brought the colour of my eyes out.

Afterwards, I met up with a friend who remembered the days when my hair resembled a bag of mixed peppers. She told me: "This colourist has made your hair look so natural, nobody would guess, it’s been coloured.”  That was music to my ears!

By Daralyn Danns

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