Monday, 22 July 2019

Spotlight on RevAir, £359

This is not a paid post

I always like to try a new gadget just in case it is going to be the one
that makes my blow-drying and styling simpler.

RevAir promises that it is the hassle-free way to straighter, smoother hair.
It also says that it will tame frizz. I have fine, fluffy locks so could
this be a game changer?


The machine, which looks like a small vacuum cleaner, is rather cumbersome
and unwieldy but that was not going to put me off.

I tried it at the UK press launch. Andrew, my stylist, took small sections
of my hair and placed them into the tube for 40 seconds each where water is
sucked from the hair meaning less heat is needed. As he dried each section he
pinned it up out of the way of the rest of the wet hair.

Final result

Hair is exposed to less heat, which can only be a good thing, and the air
does not blow on your face as it is pulled inward rather than outward.
Supposedly, you also get less fuzz. You do not use a brush. The machine
claims to provide consistent tension so overall your hair should be less
damaged. Another plus is that drying time is quicker.

Unfortunately, the end result did not live up to expectations. My hair had a
lovely sheen (it usually does) but it was far too puffy and frizzy for my
liking so I will not be purchasing.

By Daralyn Danns

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Spotlight on L’Occitane new lip products

This is not a paid post. Products are press samples.

My lips are always dry whatever the time of year. So when I hear about a new
range of lip products that claim they will moisturise and protect, I just have to
try it.

L’Occitane Marmalade Kiss Delicious Lip Scrub (£14) contains vitamin E, a
powerful antioxidant. It gently takes away any flaky bits of skin leaving
your lips coated in a fruity flavour. I found it rather a little too sweet
but loved how smooth it left my lips.

The next one I tried was the L’Occitane Delicious Multi-Balm in Miss
Grenadine (£20). This gives the lips a coral tint while leaving them feeling
nourished. There are four colours, Carrot Fizz, an orange, Pink Calisson, a
soft pink and Gimme Mauve. If you just like a hint of colour that will not
dry your lips out, it is worth looking at this range.

For those that like a more vibrant mouth, you should consider the Fruity
Lipsticks (£20). I liked the Plum Plum Girl which is a reddy-plum.

By Daralyn Danns

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Short hair is having a moment

This is not a paid post.

Sophisticated and chic yet edgy and fresh, short hair is having a moment.

I have always preferred my hair long but wanting a new look, I decided to go for the short chin-length blunt bob, this summer's hot trend.

What surprised me were the amazing comments that I received. "It is fabulous," said one friend. "It makes you look so much younger."

It seems to do wonders for my bone structure and shows off my long neck. This cut is also empowering.  What is more, my hair is easy to manage and is less frizzy now that it is shorter.

"Short hair is modern and contemporary," says hairdresser extraordinaire, Michael Charalambus whose salon in London's Sloane Square is a magnet for those who want the very best hair care. "Go easy on the layers, otherwise you may find it difficult to maintain and need to have it
professionally blow-dried."

If your hair is damaged, has lost its shine or the ends are stringy, think about cutting it. You will find it looks thicker and much fuller. It can also make you look more youthful.

To see whether short hair will suit you, try on a wig to see if you like it before you take the plunge. Ask your stylist for their opinion. If you are changing your hairdresser go for a few consultations before you make a decision. Take pictures with you of cuts you like.

Michael advises using a round ceramic brush when blow-drying as they are easier to  use than bristle brushes and you get a better grip. "The brush takes the heat so it does not burn the hair."

As an English summer is often really humid, I have been applying a leave-in conditioner which seems to keep the fluff at bay. If your locks are fine, you just need to use the tiniest amount.

Michael suggests changing products every so often. He says: "They are like scent, you get used to them after a while."

I am so thrilled that I went for the chop. It appears I am in good company as several celebrities have also discovered the benefits of going shorter. You, too, may discover the merits of letting your stylist get the scissors out.

By Daralyn Danns

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