Friday, 18 December 2015

Taylor Taylor London at Liberty London

Taylor Taylor London, renowned for translating catwalk looks into styles to suit the individual, has recently opened its fifth salon in the capital at the department store Liberty London. 

Complete with Liberty print antique furniture, this modern and airy salon combines luxury with creativity and charm.

Maria, my stylist, took great pains looking at my hair when I arrived. She saw that the sides and fringe had frizzed slightly due to the weather.

She said that it would have been a lot worse had I had layers in it. “On damp days, you can tie it back to help prevent fluffiness,” Maria added.  “Wearing it above your shoulders, as you do, makes it look thicker and it is still long enough to be put into a ponytail. While I am styling, I will give you some pointers.” 

It was washed and conditioned with Davines products, which I find rather good, before Maria started work on my transformation.

“Best to rough dry your hair using your fingers to give lift at the roots. (She advised me not to bend my head forward as this would only make it frizzy.) 

“Once it is ready to style take a round bristle brush and place it in on top of the hair as opposed to underneath. It is easier to create tension this way which will help you get the hair to lie flat,” she instructed. “When you have taken the brush out, while your hair is still warm, use your hand to flatten it down."

When finished, she sprayed a light dusting of lacquer on to her fingers and ran them over my locks. “This will help hold the style,” she said.

One satisfied customer, I left the salon looking a whole lot better than when I arrived.

By Daralyn Danns

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