Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Spotlight on Dr Roebuck's skin care

There are so many skin care brands on the market that a new line has to have something special about it to make you want to ditch your trusted products and give it a shot.

Dr Roebuck’s instantly caught my attention because it has the bare minimum of ingredients. I have extremely sensitive skin which only has to look at something and I can get a break-out. Years ago, I was told by a leading dermatologist to look for products that have as few components as possible so I had to get my hands on this brand.

Selfridges, which stocks Dr Roebuck’s, always has its finger on the pulse when it comes to selecting the best ranges available, which meant that this one had to be good to pass its vigorous selection tests.
The formula was originally created about 30 years ago by Dr Roebuck and his wife, also a physician, to help ease eczema from which their identical twin daughters suffered. This recipe formed the core of the girls’ skincare regimen for years. 

Kim and Zoe lived every day as it comes ensuring they lived life to the fullest, while not taking anything for granted. Armed with their parents’ philosophy of being healthy from the inside and out, they have always been steadfast on looking after their body, mind and health.

As the years passed they forged their own careers. They travelled the world always looking for adventure. They raised their own families. All the time they never faltered from their “inside and out” philosophy. Their skin care, made by a pharmacist specialising in tailor-made formulas stayed true to the one developed by their parents. Eventually, they decided to let the world in on their discovery.

Dr Roebuck’s uses only the ingredients necessary so that it is gentle but actually makes a difference. (If you are prone to allergies, I suggest you do a patch test before buying.) 

The hero product of the range for me is Dr Roebuck’s Pure (£40, Selfridges, This thick, rich cream is wonderfully soothing. It gives your skin an instant boost of moisture, perfect for dry complexions. You only need a little. It melts into the skin quickly and does not feel at all greasy. Once opened it should be used within six months, so you can also use it on other areas of your body such as your feet that are parched and need a drink.

Dr Roebuck’s Cleanse (£18) is a creamy non-foaming cleanser which contains six potent anti-oxidants that can help to reverse free-radical damage. You use it once a day on wet skin and rinse with tepid water.

I have also tried Dr Roebuck’s Boost & Tighten Serum (£59), a cocktail of the brand’s proprietary CNYouth molecule, firming agents, said to help improve the appearance of issues such as wrinkling and sagging, as well as natural polysaccharides. My skin looked plumper and firmer after using it. 

When your skin is really thirsty, the Dr Roebuck’s Ultimate Hydrating Serum (£51) worn under Pure works wonders.  

Kim and Zoe have a great approach to skin care. This is a lovely line and well worth trying.

By Daralyn Danns