Thursday, 30 August 2012

Creating the perfect blow-dry with Errol Douglas

One of my favourite product ranges for helping to tame frizz is Moroccanoil. However, it doesn’t matter how good a treatment is, the real secret to a good blow-dry is technique.

Here are some pointers that I picked up from Errol Douglas, one of the industry’s top hairdressers and the Moroccanoil UK and Republic of Ireland brand ambassador.

Errol Douglas

Prepping the hair

According to Errol preparation is crucial. “It’s really important to select the right shampoo and conditioner,” he says. Errol's tip is to choose one that cleans and hydrates without harshness or weighing the hair down.

“Water temperature is also vital to get right. Make it luke warm to cool,” he says.  Hot water opens the scalp’s sebaceous glands which stimulates an unhelpful grease risk.”

When it comes to using products, less is more. “This really is the most common blow-dry blunder: overloading the hair with too much product,” he exclaims. “It’s true that damp hair is the first step in introducing something that assists styling, but when you select the right product you really do need very little of it.”

Before applying any product to your hair, Errol recommends squeezing and patting your locks dry with a towel. “Avoid rough drying,” he says. “Place the product in the centre of your hand and warm it before applying first at the roots, then through the middle and to the ends.”

Errol, of course recommends Moroccanoil products. He would wouldn’t he? However, I can vouch for this range as it does make a difference. I have recently used Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse (£14.25, which I mix with Moroccanoil Oil Treatment (£30.45). This cocktail did help keep the frizzes at bay in high humidity.

Blow-drying technique

Divide the hair into two sections, start at the back and work your way forward,” instructs Errol. “This technique contributes significantly to how long the blow-dry lasts.” 

If you want to add some movement to your style, Errol’s recommendation is to pin  the section you’re not working on up. Leave it to hang naturally if you want to wear your hair straight.

The secret of getting the perfect blow-dry: tension. Errol reveals it is all down to firm pressure with the right brush as you style your hair. “It creates root movement, and this very movement at the root is like the scaffolding of the blow-dry you construct,” he says.

The tools you need are a good quality anti-static round brush to style your hair and a paddle brush to dry the remaining ends. “It’s all in the finish,” says Errol.

By Daralyn Danns