Monday, 8 September 2014

Summer sun takes its toll on hair

Even if you haven’t yet been away over the summer, I’m sure you have noticed that  as you go about your everyday life your hair changes colour in the sun. 

Just a slight difference in your hue can have an effect on your complexion. One day my hair was fine and the next, it had too much yellow coming through which didn’t exactly compliment my skin tone. 

So, it was off to see the wonderful Daisy Twyman, at the Daniel Galvin salon, whom I hadn’t seen for around seven weeks. That my hair had lasted so long was a testament to her prowess. 

How your hair will lift depends lots of factors including the dye you are using and the natural colour underneath so a good colourist will have to adjust your “prescription” on each visit.

Daisy also suggests, if you are spending time outside even in this country – September can have plenty of sunny days – to use a product such as Philip Kingsley Swimcap (£11.50, Daniel Galvin). “This cream will help to protect against sun damage,” she said. “Don’t just think of these things for holiday.”

Dependent which lighting you are in, your hair will also appear a different colour. Another fact to remember is that summer light is warmer than winter’s so that is another key consideration when dying hair.

“Your hair needs to be cooler this time,” Daisy said. “We will do the usual colour on the roots and then tone the rest with a shade that will take down the yellow tones.”

Daisy diligently checked the toner every couple of minutes to ensure that we got the right result. Then it was off to see stylist, Emma Mitchell. As she started blow-drying, I could see my hair once again looked a gorgeous rich hue.

At an event that I was attending a couple of hours later, a lady whom I had not seen for a year, came up to me and said: “Your hair looks amazing. It is darker than I remember, it suits you much better.
Well, I have the dream team, as I am now calling Daisy and Emma, to thank for that!

By Daralyn Danns  

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