Friday, 21 November 2014

Make-up for photographs

Some of us photograph well. Others need a little help. Good make-up can make a huge difference. I asked Shehla Shaikh, head of Lancôme Elite Team for some professional tips on how to put your best face forward.

What base should you use?
“For a photo shoot you want to go completely matt. Firstly, prep the skin with a primer such La Base Pro (£28.50) by Lancôme. Then apply Teint Idole Ultra 24H (£28.50, comes in a variety of shades) also by Lancôme.

“Using a brush will always give a more professional finish. Using it in a circular, buffing motion with your foundation will give a light, airy finish whereas patting will give more coverage so mix and match as you need to.”

How should you apply concealer? 
“Wield  an illuminating concealer under the eye such as our Teint Miracle Corrector (£26.50). Apply a fuller coverage concealer on the skin where necessary. Make-up shouldn't cover or mask the skin; it should only balance, correct and enhance.”  

What blusher should you use?
“For a day look that is more fresh and beautiful, dust blush, on the apples of the cheeks, in a pretty pink or coral, accompanied with a touch of mascara and lip gloss. The right pink for skin tone will immediately lift the complexion.

“To contour for a more dramatic look, use a bronzer. Apply with a soft-angled powder brush, buff into the temples and under the cheekbones, where the natural shadow falls. The reason why it looks so natural is because these are the areas which are sun-kissed, so it is simply enhancing. 

“It’s important to think about the face in 3D. You don’t want the same intensity all across the whole cheek, so make sure to shade appropriately with the contours of your face, enhancing the shadow. Apply it lighter on the top of the cheek and build up under the cheek bone.”

Why are brows important? How should you emphasis them?
 “They completely structure the face. It depends what look the person is after. You can fill in the brow with a pencil for a more dramatic look. For a softer effect, a soft brown shadow works better.” 

Should you use eye shadow? If so what colours?
It really depends what look you are going for. To give a natural feel I would go for subtle colours just to contour the eye. 

“For a more dramatic look you can experiment with bright colours or the classic smoky eye.”

 How should you apply eyeliner and mascara?
For an easy eyeliner application use a soft Khôl pencil. And, depending on your skill level, you can work up to a liquid eyeliner. 

“When applying mascara always start right in the roots. Use a zig-zagging motion pulling up the lashes. The new Grandiôse Mascara (£24.50) is great for this because its swan neck allows you to get right into the roots of the lashes.”

What shade of lipsticks work?
 “Choose the perfect pink by matching to the closest shade of your gums.

“To ensure you get the pure pink shade as it looks in the bullet, prime your lips first with a little balm and concealer and blend it around the edge of the lips and on top to create a blank canvas. Always line the lips with a lip liner, filling them in to create a base for a long lasting colour. 

“Pearl or shimmer finishes in pink lipstick are dated, so going for a lipstick with pure pigment, such as Rouge in Love (£21.50, comes in several shades), will give your look a more modern finish.”

If you normally go for a nude lip, should you wear colour?
 “A rosebud stain can look really modern even for daytime. Blank out lips with concealer making sure they are well moisturised. Then blot a rich colour into the middle of the lips with fingers. Alternatively, experiment with orange and tangerine reds.

 “Matt lips look best with a bold bright colour although matt can be drying and I would avoid it, if you have small lips. 

“If you are in your 20s feel free to experiment and go for something really on-trend.”

 By Daralyn Danns