Monday, 7 September 2015

Does colouring your hair make you look younger?

The summer had played havoc with my hair. Bursts of sun and more frequent washing had once again left my tresses looking too yellow. As this is not particularly flattering on my skin tone, I quickly got an appointment with Josie Weston at Daniel Galvin, the go-to salon for colour.

Josie agreed that the current hue was not doing me any favours. She told me she was going to tone it down and add a tad more dark (shade 5) to the ends as they had really faded.

As I looked round the salon, there were a lot of people there to cover up the greys. I admit to being one of them as I do have some of those annoying white things that seem to stand out dramatically against the rest of the dark brown.

A hairdresser that I had been working with suggested that I should go with nature and let it take me where it takes me. Not long ago the Duchess of Cambridge had been photographed with a few stray greys. So I put the question to Liz Edmonds, colour director, and Josie: when is the right time to go grey and who can pull it off?

“There is not a right or wrong time,” says Liz. “If you are confident and dress fashionably you can carry it off. You also need to have a good haircut such as a bob and always keep it looking immaculate.”

But here is the punch line: “There is no doubt about it, grey hair will make you look 10 years older,” stresses Liz.

A family member of Josie’s decided to go grey because she could not be bothered with the upkeep. She found that she was having to have her roots redone every couple of weeks. 

“It did make her look older and dowdy. There is no doubt about it,” says Josie. Luckily, she was not bothered by other people’s opinions. However, after five years, she called me up and asked to make an appointment as she wanted to go back to being a brunette.”

Josie did an amazing job on my locks. I emerged a stunning shade that has since been admired by other hairdressers, which is praise indeed. 

I love my natural colour which is almost black, so like a lot of women, I will continue scheduling in visits to the salon to mask those little blighters for as long as possible.

By Daralyn Danns

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