Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Hair straight from the catwalk

You and I might not get to strut the catwalk, but we can walk out of the salon looking as if we could be about to.

Hair supremo Alessandro Jottini at the highly-acclaimed Josh Wood Atelier Lansdowne is now back in the salon fresh from styling models at the recent round of fashion shows in Milan, London and Paris. 

So what kind of hairstyles can we expect to be wearing for spring/summer 2016? “Super soft and simple,” says Alessandro. “Hair, even updos, should look natural as if you did it yourself at home.”

These styles work well with the feminine yet sporty looks that adorned the catwalks. While you may not always want to push the boundaries and wear the extremes, there are always one or two trends that you can incorporate into your wardrobe to keep you looking updated.


My hair was simply, yet elegantly styled

One of Alessandro’s favourite shows was Gauchère. This luxury, contemporary brand has been slowly building momentum in the fashion world. A melange of tailored and fluid pieces, the clothes are easy to wear. Hair was pretty and relaxed and looked easy to replicate at home.

According to the maestro, you will want your layers to be long. “With visible or invisible layers you can create texture,” explains Alessandro. “As for length, we are seeing hair touching the collarbone. There are a lot less short cuts for next season.”  

If you have long hair, wearing it straight will always look chic. “To make it look contemporary, keep some movement in the ends,” advises Alessandro.

Alessandro Jottini styles model at Gauchère
Photographed by Alessandro Jottini

For those with frizzy or curly hair, Alessandro’s tip is to use a radial bristle brush to smooth out the hair. This will make styling easier as you can create more tension with this kind of brush. Ceramic brushes hold the heat and are better to use on straight hair for creating movement.

Before styling, Alessandro recommends using a heat protector. A favourite brand of his is the Oribe haircare product range. (Oribe is a highly-regarded international and influential stylist based in the US.)  If they are being used in Josh Wood’s salon whose client list reads like Who’s Who, you can bet your life that they are good. 

My hair was simply, yet elegantly styled. No puffy hair, which I hate, just really glossy, natural hair. Catwalk hair for reality. Once finished, Alessandro squirted a light coating of Oribe Dry Texurising Spray to give texture and just a hint of volume. 

It kept for days and that is a mark of a good hairdresser.

By Daralyn Danns

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