Monday, 4 August 2014

Spotlight on Head Jog High-Shine

Blow-drying your own hair can be an arduous task. It is difficult to hold the hairdryer at the same angle as a professional and, therefore, can be harder to get your locks as smooth and sleek as he or she would.

It helps to have a good hairdryer (I am a fan of Parlux), the right styling products for your hair type and a quality brush which allows you to have a good grip on the hair so that you can smooth the cuticles making it look shiny and polished.

Many hairdressers tell you that a boar bristle brush is the perfect styling tool. According to hair guru, Philip Kingsley, bristle brushes are not the best for your tresses. He says that the kindest are made from plastic with long bristles and a ball at the tip of each.

Sometimes, if you have fluffy or frizzy hair, plastic bristles don’t always have the desired effect. I have just tried the new Head Jog High-Shine. This radial brush (comes in three sizes 21mm, 27mm & 34mm from £9.99, ), a great combo, has angled boar bristles that grip the hair and tourmaline-infused nylon ones. The company says: “the tourmaline emits ions to eliminate frizz and add more shine.”

Whether you believe the science bit or not, this brush is easy to use and clasps the hair well and is gentle on the scalp and as it has been cleverly designed, so that the boar bristles just cover the roots of the vertical nylon monofilaments, it helps to reduce the risk of snagging and pulling the hair when styling. 

As it has been made for professional use, it is high-heat resistant, so the plastic bristles should stay in shape.

I first tried this brush on day when the weather was extremely humid. I found that my hair was sleeker than usual and it did not have a frizz attack on a walk along the river. This is a tool that I now can’t be without.

By Daralyn Danns