Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A visit to podiatrist Dina Gohil

Dina Gohil’s ethos is to bring luxury into healthcare. We all take our feet for granted and who hasn’t at some point in their lives worn shoes that are not really suitable for them?  But, if you don’t look after them, they can cause you problems in the long run, so it pays to give them some tender loving care.

According to Dina, you have to know your foot type and what shape footwear will work for you. “If you subject your feet to anything for too long, they will get used to it and you can traumatise them,” she says.

She also advocates moisturising them daily. As for heel height, you should not regularly wear heels higher than a couple of inches – over that keep for special occasions. The golden rule for footwear is: wear what is comfortable. If the shoes hurt you, you could be harming your feet.

Dina Gohil

My treatment was great. Dina talked in depth about my feet before she started work. She carefully filed my nails, took off the hard skin and removed a tiny corn that I had on my little toe where a shoe had rubbed. She advised me to get some slim comfort padding from Boots until it had healed. This, she told me, would relieve any pressure caused by the shoe. I have since tried it and it does help.

To finish off the treatment she applied a liberal dose of cream. There are a couple of choices including Crème de la Mer. She also advocates using a nail oil to keep toe nails healthy or help to repair any damaged ones that you may have.

What is unique about Dina is that she offers a range of appointment types and lengths depending on what you need. A full podiatry session lasts around 45 minutes while corn or verrucae removal takes about 10-30 minutes. She also offers maintenance treatment, wedding day grooming and minor surgery.

My feet looked and felt lovely and are now summer ready. And to keep them that way I’ll make sure that I buy soft leathers and shoes with a deep toe box!

By Daralyn Danns

A full  podiatry sessions costs  £120.  For more information visit