Monday, 4 May 2015

Getting hair ready for summer

I have the same principle when choosing a hairstyle as to buying clothes: don’t allow yourself to be dictated by fashion, go with what suits you. (But remember, you have to ensure that you look current and not from a bygone era.)

So, I uttered a sigh of relief when I went to see my hairdresser extraordinaire Michael Charalambous who said women should not follow trends when it comes to haircuts.

“You have to pick a hairdresser that has an eye for what suits you and trust in them,” he says.

Michael won’t get scissor happy. He would rather leave your hair slightly longer so that you can live with it for a week and if you want to have it cut shorter, you can go back to him to take a bit more off and only pay for the blow-dry.

Sometimes cutting your hair can make it look sharper and thicker. So don’t hold on to hair that is dragging you down. Michael always says that dry, damaged hair will make the youngest of faces look drained and tired. Whatever your style and age, it has to be soft and silky. A new haircut can give you an instant facelift and instantly knock back the years.

“If a client wants a fringe, I always leave it a centimetre longer than I think it should be because if a client is not good at blow-drying herself, she will have problems when it comes to styling it,” he says.

Another tip from Michael is not to use too many products. “In the summer, switch to a lighter shampoo as your hair tends to be oilier. To boost shine add some white vinegar to your final rinse. You can also do this on coloured hair.” 

According to Michael, this is the month to have your hair cut shorter so you can miss a salon appointment or two and your hair will be healthier once summer arrives.

And that is exactly what he did to my hair. I had my hair cut in a one-length bob which hangs just above my shoulders. What is good about this style is that you can wear it smooth or shaggy. When it is humid my hair will quickly revert to its natural texture so having a cut that is versatile is important to me.

“You are never stuck with a uniform if you keep switching, going slightly shorter then growing it slightly longer,” states the maestro.

The mark of a good haircut is can you style it yourself. When I tried blow-drying my own hair it immediately jumped back into place – albeit not quite as smooth as when Michael does it. When you want perfection that is why you go to the hairdresser!

By Daralyn Danns

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