Monday, 22 June 2015

A visit to Duck & Dry, Chelsea

“Your hair looks amazing,” said my cousin when I caught up with him the other night.

As he has seen me after my visits to many top hairdresser, this was quite a compliment.  

This was the result of a visit to Chelsea’s chic blow-dry bar, Duck & Dry. My tresses were incredibly well-styled and so, so glossy. I really was incredibly pleased with the outcome.

Although there is a menu of styles to choose from including updos, my stylist Mary Caybakan asked me how I like to wear my hair. After having so many disappointments from being over-dried to over bouncy to too curly, I am always sceptical when trying a new hairdresser, especially a blow-dry bar. 

I explained to Mary that I did not want to look as if I have just come out of a salon. My hair should be smooth and I wanted bits to kick out. I didn't want a mummsy bob. My expectations were not high, 

Duck & Dry, I soon discovered,  is no ordinary blow-dry bar. My hair was washed and prepped with Davines products which I really like. I came out looking like I was made in Chelsea and, thank goodness, without the hefty price tag that so many salons in this neighbourhood have. You can also have a trim or add a few hair extensions if you so desire.

Service is fast and efficient and the atmosphere is buzzy. It even has its own prosecco bar when you can pop in and have a drink and nibbles or a take-away a coffee even if you are not having your hair done.

The “Ultimate Bundles” are popular and I can see why. For every six blow-drys, you get one free. A glass of prosecco is included. This is the one I would plump for. There is even one for updos, perfect if you have a lot of weddings to go to. Another plus is that it is open every day (from 7.30am to 7.30pm during the week). 

By Daralyn Danns

A blow-dry starts from £28 for more information visit