Friday, 5 June 2015

The ugly sandal get uglier

If you thought last year’s ugly sandal could not get any uglier you are wrong. I have just got a new pair of GoodStock sandals from FitFlop (£85, which  might not be the most beautiful shoes that I have ever worn but they are certainly among the most comfortable and extremely practical.

These “hippy-chic” sandals which have the renowned FitFlop Microwobbleboard midsoles are made from really soft leather and have adjustable straps which are really useful as your feet tend to swell in hot weather.

They toughen up a pretty dress or can be worn with shorts on holiday. If you are not convinced by how they look, the fact that you won’t know you are wearing them will make you want a pair,

For those that like style but still want pain-free feet, opt for the Mary Jane in metallic also by FitFlop (£80). They are so cute. They are also leather-lined and have thin straps to hold your feet in place. I had a pair in black patent  in the winter and had so many compliments when I wore them. Comfort entwined with style, I am all for that!

By Daralyn Danns