Monday, 20 June 2016

How to cope with your hair when humidity strikes

Muggy weather not only makes us feel hot and bothered, it also creates havoc with your hair. Be it fine and fluffy, thick and curly, if it has any natural texture it can instantly become a ball of frizz when humidity strikes.

I asked Mia Efthymiou, stylist and head of product development at the highly-regarded London hair salon, Windle & Moodie for her tips. 

Mia has worked backstage for many of the UK’s top designers including Julian MacDonald, Margaret Howell and Hussein Chalayan so she should know a thing or two about coping with the dreaded frizz.

Courtesy of Windle & Moodie

What causes hair to frizz?

Mia: Partly genetic, partly environment. When it is humid or damp moisture can enter the cuticles making your hair expand and revert to its natural state. Remember hair is not all one length which will compound the problem.

The condition will also play an important factor. If hair is damaged through over-processing such as colouring too often or simply using heated appliances too frequently, it will be more prone to moisture penetrating it. This will, in turn, lift up the cuticle so your locks will be rough instead of smooth. Broken strands will also stick out and look frizzy. 

Windle & Moodie Invisible day & night cream 

What can you do to prevent it from puffing up?

Mia: A good haircut is imperative to overall shape and style.

You can prevent puffing by using the right products. Use a good nourishing shampoo and conditioner that will inject moisture and shine into the hair. 

Try a product such as Windle & Moodie Invisible day & night cream (£18.50) on wet hair to moisturise and condition. Then, prep the hair with a detangling spray. I recommend Windle & Moodie Foundation spray (£13.50).

Layer with Fortifying spray (£16) which has heat protection and then add a few drops of hair oil to help smooth the cuticle through the mid-lengths and ends. Windle & Moodie, of course, do one, Shine & smoothing oil (£21).

Courtesy of Windle & Moodie

Should you wash your hair less often so you do not strip it of its natural oils?

Mia: We recommend to wash hair every other day to gently cleanse it without stripping the natural oils. 

What products should you be using and what ingredients should you be looking for on the labels?

Mia: Of course, I am going to suggest Windle & Moodie treatment shampoos which contain teas. Teas contain antioxidants which make the hair more nourished, radiant and shiny. Also, look for betaine (natural moisturiser),apricot, camellia, argan or coconut oils as they are conditioning. 

What is the best type of hair brush so you don’t create static?

Mia: Natural bristle brushes are great as they do not encourage hair to become static.

How should you dry and style your hair? 

Mia: If you want a sleek, straight finish, blow-dry with a round, bristle brush which will help to achieve a soft, shiny finish. 

A top tip for getting a fringe smooth and sleek is to blow-dry either with a comb or a Denman brush from side to side (blow-dry to the left, and then to the right). This creates smoothness and sleekness. 

It is best to use a nozzle on your hairdryer and direct the heat flow down the hair shaft, section by section to flatten the cuticle. This will make it reflect light so it looks shinier. 

If you want a more natural, tousled, wavy look, you can use your dryer in big, circular movements on a gentle heat and slower airflow. Do not over dry the hair. 

Should you use a diffuser if you have curly hair?

Mia: Yes, a diffuser is a great tool to use for blow drying curly hair. Prep the hair with a curl enhancing product to bind the hair and keep frizz at bay. Then you can finish with a few drops of serum such as Shine & smoothing oil.

How can you work with your natural texture?

Mia: You work with your natural texture by adding creams or oils. That will enhance texture, but not make it frizzy. 

Is it better to leave your hair to dry naturally or will it ruffle up the cuticle which means the hair will not lie flat?

Mia: If your hair is healthy, leaving it to dry naturally will not cause frizz. If your hair is dry or damaged, it is best to coat it with a cream, oil or serum, so it smooths the cuticle. This will allow the hair to dry in its natural state, without using heat. Or, if you have fluffy hair and want a groomed look, you will need to use a dryer. 

Windle & Moodie Shine & smoothing oil

Any tips?

Mia: If you want a smooth, silk, structured hair style, dry hair off completely. 

If you are happy to have your hair more tousled and wavy, then it is fine to leave it damp but make sure you use products (cream, oil, serum) to reduce the potential of getting frizz.

What to do when you get a frizz attack when you are out?

Mia: Always keep serum in your bag and apply a few droplets on dry hair. If you do forget it, comb your hair with wet fingers. 

By Daralyn Danns