Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Back to Josh Wood Atelier Lansdowne

When heat and humidity strike, it can only mean one four-letter word: frizz. Unless you are lucky enough to have been born with naturally straight hair which can be washed and is ready to go in any weather, you will know that this word is the downside of hot, summer days.
Trying to keep my hair looking good in this weather is a nightmare. When I am travelling and want to look respectable, at least, is a virtual impossibility.

So I decided go and get professional help from the rather special coiffeur Alessandro Jottini at the renowned Josh Wood Atelier Lansdowne. With Josh’s reputation as colour supremo extraordinaire spanning the globe, you know that anybody he employs would have to meet the highest of standards. After all this is where the elite go.

At this salon it is all about glamour with a modern day twist. Never rushed, you know you are going to have a great experience and that you are going to come out looking a million dollars. 

I explained to Alessandro that I was going away and wanted my hair to last as I had a couple of important dinners to attend.

“Oribe hair products are going to help you,” said Alessandro. Could they really be the answer to my prayers? I have to admit I was dubious. I have heard all the claims in my time working in the beauty industry. Some may help, a lot don’t make a blind bit of difference.

However, this is Oribe’s range we are talking about. The fabled editorial and celebrity hairdresser, who hails from Cuba and has been 30 plus years in the business, should know a thing or two about dealing with the “f” problem.

Alessandro first prepped my hair with a cocktail of Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream (£47), the perfect drink for my dry, porous hair and a dash of Split End Seal (£42). He then used the Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray (£41).

If you have long, curly hair, Alex, as he is called for short, suggests tying it back during the day and running a product such as the Supershine Moisturizing Cream or the Curl Control Silkening Crème (£36) through the ends and wear it down in the evening. When washing curly manes, his advice is to just add some product such as the ones mentioned above and then let it dry naturally.

When you are travelling and your tresses are looking worse for wear from too much sun and sea, try the Josh Wood Glossing Mask (available in three colours: black, brown and blonde, £12.50, Josh Wood Atlier and selected M&S stores). You will notice the difference.

Another product that has made my life easier is Josh’s “The Guardian of Colour” Blending Wand. This non-permanent instant colour, which comes out of what looks like a marker pen, hides those dreadful greys that seem to pop up unannounced as well as any regrowth. It lasts for up to three washes which is another plus so it is ideal for in-between salon visits. (Comes in a variety of colours, £12.50, from Josh Wood Atlier and selected M&S stores.)

Alex styled my hair with plenty of movement. I was really pleased as it did not look like I had spent the past hour in a stylist’s chair.

Yes, I did wear a sunhat as temperatures were rising to the giddy heights of 35C but in the evening, I just put my hands through my locks and hey presto, they returned to how they looked when I left Alex. Four days later, they still looked amazing and not one piece of frizz in sight. I could just start to believe in miracles! 

By Daralyn Danns

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