Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Rectifying summer hair fade

I am not quite sure how it happened as I had not had my hair in the sun but my fringe had faded to a distressing shade of yellow, making me look drained and washed out. I immediately hit the phone  to book an appointment with my trusted colourist Daisy Twyman at London’s prestigious Daniel Galvin salon.

Shock horror!  Daisy was away for a few weeks. Having had more colour disasters than I would like to remember, I am always loathe to put my tresses into the hands of somebody new. I normally say it is not where you go but who you go to that counts. However, in the case of Daniel Galvin, it is the other way round. I know how well trained the colourists are and as the record keeping is meticulous, I didn’t feel that trying somebody new would be a problem.

Josie Weston, was the lady this time that was going to take me from drab to fab. We had a lengthy consultation and Josie agreed that we needed to change the formula to make the front darker.

“When hair lifts, it can have a devastating effect on your skin tone, leaving you looking exhausted,” explained Josie. “It is something you have to think about especially in the summer when hair lightens more quickly than in the winter.”

If you are deciding to follow the Bronde trend which is currently one of the hot hair colours of the moment, you may want to reconsider and go for a different option.

A combination of blonde and brunette, this can look effective when first done, the lighter bits on brunettes have a tendency to go brassy. If you have a cool or neutral skin tone, the warmth may not be flattering on you. 

That perfect caramel shade you had when you left the salon can turn orange with a few washes and a few outings in the sun. I had them put in at another salon years ago and bitterly regretted it.

Before I knew where I was, I was back at the salon having a toner applied to restore my locks to their former glory.

Josie’s advice to anybody considering a major change is to weigh up the pros and cons. How will it fit into your lifestyle? Are you prepared for high maintenance? Will you have to change your wardrobe and buy a whole new set of make-up?

Before you rush into anything always talk it through with a colourist. Ask how the new hue will work with the underlying tones in your hair.

As we tend to wash our hair more in the summer causing colour fade, a good item to have to hand is Davines More Inside Texturising Dust for Instant Volume (£18.90). It is great for creating that extra oomph especially in humidity when hair can flatten quickly. Plus, it does not dry out the hair as some of these types of products can.

Josie, did a great job on my hair. A true pro, she constantly checked the colour to make sure I did not end up too dark. I got the look I wanted. I left the salon swinging glossy brunette tresses quietly confident that this would last for a good few weeks.

 By Daralyn Danns

 Daniel Galvin (www.danielgalvin.com)